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BeerBug: First Impressions


I was a backer during The BeerBug’s Kickstarter campaign, and today I finally received my Early Bird prototype. Haven’t had time to do much else than take it out of the package, install the software and make a quick test in water. Build quality is okay; it seems a bit plasticy and the ‘torpedo’ hangs from the main device via a fishing line. But I guess it will serve its purpose, and once the unit gets into production I assume they will have polished the appearance. Installing the software was a bit of a pain, as first the computer didn’t want to find the device, but I finally managed to make the BeerBug communicate with my PC. The software is quite easy to use, but it is currently slow and buggy. I managed to calibrate the device in water though, and it is showing quite consistent readings (0.995-1.000). The device does seem to have to be exactly level in order for it to take accurate readings, as it seems to be quite sensitive to leaning a couple of degrees (I should get a bubble level for it). I’m eager to try this out with a real brew soon! Stay tuned for updates!

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