Homebrew: Summer Pale Ale

Next Monday we will be bottling the first batch of beer we brewed at the new garage brewery (Amarillo Hefeweizen), and while we are there we thought we’d brew up a new batch of beer. Light, refreshing, and hop-forward beers are my favorite to drink during the summer, so the next beer will be a slightly larger batch of American Pale Ale (will still have to think of a better name). The malt bill will be simple, consisting of Pale Ale, Munich and Carapils malt (no Crystal, since I want a dry finish). The beer will be bittered with Chinook, and flame-out hopped with Cascade and Centennial. The same hop combo will be used for dry hopping. The beer will be fermented with my new favorite yeast strain, WLP002 English Ale, which I think works well in most styles of beer. You can get it to attenuate by mashing low.

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