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Beer delivery from Sweden


Sorry for the lack of updates again.

Today I will be kegging the rebrew of ‘From Seamless to Shameless’ I brewed two weeks ago together with some Cascade and Simcoe. Should make for a nice and easy to drink Pale Ale.

(Update: Gravity had fallen to 1.012 and the beer was tasting quite promising. A nice citrusy hoppiness coupled with a light maltiness. There was some acetaldehyde tones present as well, but luckily those will fade in a couple of days)

I’ll also keg the beer brewed with Saccharomyces eubayanus. I hope it has reached final attenuation already. It will be very interesting to taste that one! World’s first eubayanus beer?

(Update: Gravity had fallen to 1.016 so the beer was a bit on the sweet side. With the current gravity, attenuation is around 66%, which is in line with the 70% we have seen in the lab. Hopefully the yeast manages to drop some points still in the keg, but it was surprising to note that the beer was surprisingly drinkable. There was lots of yeast in suspension still, so S. eubayanus seems to flocculate very poorly. I saw similar traits in the yeast starter I made, as there was still yeast in suspension two days after I had kept it at 0 degrees C to allow for sedimentation. I’m extremely excited to try out the eubayanus beer in a couple of weeks!)

I also got a nice package in the mail today, containing some Swedish craft beer!

From left to right: Strömsholms Brygghus Gråskägg, Slottskällan Dubbel IPA, Slottskällan Zero, Nils Oscar Hop Yard, Poppelmans Nya Världens India Pale Ale, Nynäshamns Bötet Barleywine and Eskiltuna Anders Dubbel IPA. Thanks Henrik!


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