Upcoming homebrew plans

Next week I’m planning to brew around 70 liters of homebrew in two batches. The first batch will be some kind of a ‘kitchen sink’ Amber Ale, i.e. a batch similar to the Brown Ale I brewed last April, where I try to use up as many opened malt bags, hop bags and expiring yeast vials as possible. I’m aiming for about 33 liters of Amber Ale wort, which will be split into three smaller 16L vessels. Each vessel will then get its own yeast: WLP007 Dry English Ale, WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast, and my recently cultured Conan yeast. To further experiment with different ingredient combinations, I might dry-hop all three vessels with different types of hops. The recipe is quite hop forward, with loads of late hop additions to hopefully keep the bitterness down while keeping the hop flavors up. This should hopefully result in some tasty and different amber ales from the same wort batch. The proposed recipe is:
[codebox 1]


The second beer for next week will be an approximately 40 liter batch of American Pale Ale (will really try to push the limits of our 50L brew kettle), that I’m brewing as a ‘celebration beer’ for March, when I will submit my Master’s Thesis and hopefully graduate. The beer is slightly inspired by Firestone Walker’s amazing Pale 31, and am hoping to brew something light, drinkable and balanced, yet still with a hoppy aroma and flavor. If I brew this next week, it should be just perfect in two months time. The recipe is:

[codebox 2]


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