Homebrew: Meowing Monk – Belgian Blond Ale

Today I brewed up the Belgian Blond mentioned here. Everything went smoothly, and even managed to get 3 liters more wort than expected (with the intended gravity of 1.050). I added a slight amount of oat flakes to the mash, hoping to get some improved head retention and body, as I was unsure whether the simple malt bill could give rise to a decent head. The starter I pitched on Thursday was showing great signs of activity, so after I poured off 50 ml of the starter into a sterilized vial for later use (beats paying 10€ for a new smack pack), I pitched the whole thing into the wort. Hopefully this takes off soon. The fermentation vessel was placed in a room with an ambient temperature of around 20-22C, so hopefully the wort temperature climbs to around 25C after a few days. The recipe and a couple of pictures from the brewday posted below.

[codebox 1]

Hops and cane sugar

The boil with large hop bag. Still haven’t found any permanent brew space, so have been brewing outdoors.

The huge heat exchanger has just been cleaned prior to use. Took 21 litres of boiling wort to 15C in under 5 minutes.

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