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Mikkeller Burger & Bun L.A. Lager



  • Brewery: Mikkeller
  • Country: Denmark (Brewed in Belgium)
  • Style: (American) Premium Lager
  • ABV: 5%
  • Size: 330 ml
  • Bought from: Alko, 3.95€
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    This is a lager brew by Mikkeller for the Danish burger bar ‘Burger & Bun’ found in Copenhagen. This lager is hopped with some nontraditional hop varieties (American influence), featuring Columbus, Nelson Sauvin, Centennial, Simcoe and Amarillo, boasting an IBU of around 30 for Pils-style. Not a big fan of light, and especially lightly hopped lagers, but this one seemed promising. PS. Sorry about the crappy photo, will try to get a new one if I ever drink this one at home!

    Mikkeller Burger & Bun L.A. Lager
    The beer has a golden color (just a hint of amber), is hazy (the beer is bottle conditioned), and has a small white head, leaving just a slight lacing along the glass.
    The beer has a strong citrusy and grassy aroma, with some piney and floral notes as well. The hops dominate the aroma completely, and I keep thinking to myself: is this really a lager I'm about to drink?
    An initial light malty taste is quickly overtaken by flavours of citrus and tropical fruits. The hops have a huge presence in the flavour as well. The aftertaste is quite bitter, and the beer leaves a pleasant tingle on the tongue.
    The beer has a medium-light body, with a quite dry finish, and a moderate carbonation level, making this an easy to drink and very refreshing beer.
    I was definitely not disappointed with this one, as it is a fantastic beer. This is definitely not a classic lager, as it borderlines with the (American) Pale Ale style. This was hoppy, refreshing and easy to drink, making this a perfect summer beer to enjoy together with e.g. hamburgers from your grill. I've loved everything so far that I've tried by Mikkeller, and will probably try to get my hands on some of their Single Hop IPAs in the close future. I really recommend this one, and the price is even OK for a premium beer like this!


    1. I need the help of this forum, I am from Monterrey, Mexico , we only have a few (like 3 or 4 )
      dealers that supply artisanal beers , one supplier claims in his
      Facebook that the L.A. Lager tastes like an American Hamburger, I
      already tasted the beer, and in my humble opinion the taste of
      hamburger is not present…. it was kind of fruity and a little bit citrus I write him and told him his review was not correct ( I did research first) he replied saying my tasting is not “trained” enough to find that flavor, could you please write me back with your personal description
      of the taste in that particular beer.

    2. Of what I remember from this beer, it was fruity and citrusy as you say, and it did definitely not have a ‘taste of hamburger’. The beer is called Burger & Bun, because it was made for a hamburger joint in Denmark called Burger & Bun.

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