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Homebrew: Fermentation Update


The gravity of the German Pilsener brewed on the 9th of August has dropped from 1.055 to 1.012 (14 to 6.8 brix) after 3 days at 9.5C, 5 days at 10.5C and 2 days at 20C, so I racked it over to a cornelius keg for 4-8 weeks of lagering (will regularly taste it to see when I think it has lagered enough) at 0C. The small taste sample I had was promising, but I couldn’t really draw many conclusions, as I have a cold and my nose was completely stuffed. I couldn’t detect any major flaws at least, and overall the flavor was very clean and crisp. Looking forward to trying this again in a couple of weeks, hopefully with improved olfaction.

The Hefeweizen, Black Lodge Imperial Stout, and American IPA are still fermenting. The hefeweizen fermented extremely violenty, and I had my first blow-off (though luckily not that messy). The Imperial Stout is slowly chugging along, and hopefully it won’t get stuck at too high of a FG. The American IPA was very slow to start, with no airlock activity for the first 48 hours, even though I pitched a large and active WLP051 starter. Now it is fermenting actively, with some strange (sulfur-like?), but apparently perfectly normal for the strain, aromas from the airlock. Hopefully these turn out nice.

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