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Homebrew: Black Lodge Imperial Stout Part I


Tomorrow I will be brewing yet another beer, but this time around I will be using my old brewing equipment and I will be making a smaller batch (12 litres). The beer I will be brewing is the Twin Peaks-inspired Black Lodge Imperial Stout, first mentioned in this post. I have revised the recipe a little since the last post, adding some Dark Candi Syrup, changing around the malt bill and bumping up the gravity slightly.

This Imperial Stout will be around 10% ABV, and contain some:

  • Damn fine coffee (Brazilian Yellow Bourbon Coffee Beans at flameout and perhaps in the secondary)
  • The best cherry pie in town (Cherry juice concentrate at flameout)
  • Something that will really light your fire (A Cheyenne Chili Pepper at flameout)
  • The dark soul of Windom Earle (Dark Candi Syrup at flameout)

Hopefully the flavors don’t clash too much with each other, and instead merge into a dark and complex whole. I plan to keep the beer in the primary for about a month, and then move it to a keg for a couple of months of bulk aging. To reach the 1.100+ OG, I plan on using a two hour boil, and no sparging. I will also try to crush the grain really fine. I might have to make a smaller beer out of the second runnings, as I guess a lot of sugar will be left in the unwashed grains. Recipe will be posted in tomorrow’s brewday report.

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