Homebrew: Dry-hopping the Imperial IPA

Today I dry-hopped the Imperial IPA I brewed 8 days ago with 100 g of hops (40 g Amarillo, 20 g Centennial, 20 g Columbus and 20 g Nugget). I originally had the intention of dry-hopping with 20 g each of the five varieties I used when brewing, but since the Amarillo were pellets I decided to dump them all into the primary (since I don’t want pellet debris in the keg) and instead save the 40 g of Simcoe for the keg. The fermentation seemed quite finished, but again I didn’t measure the gravity, so will have to hope for the best. I will be kegging this beer next Thursday, so it will be 5 days on the dry hops. Here is the label I will be using for the beer (thanks again Pia for designing this fantastic label!):

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