Homebrew: Dry hopping the South Pacific Blonde and making a yeast starter

Today I had a look at how the South Pacific Blonde was doing, and fermentation seems to have ended (I didn’t check the gravity, cause I don’t like unnecessary messing with fermenting wort, but the krausen had dropped and airlock activity had stopped). I added 70g of Summer hops for dry hopping. I will be bottling and kegging next Thursday, so the dry hops will be 6 days in the beer. I will be adding 40g of Nelson Sauvin to the keg as well.

I also made a 2L yeast starter out of White Labs WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast, which I will be using for my Timid Tiger Imperial IPA, that I’ll also be brewing next Thursday. The starter is happily stirring on the stir plate.

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