Homebrew: Upcoming plans

Here are some plans for a couple of upcoming homebrews:

First up is a Blonde Ale, inspired by the malt bill from the Centennial Blonde I brewed last summer, but hopped solely with Nelson Sauvin (I might throw in a bit of Motueka as well) for a New Zealand twist. Will hopefully get to brewing it as quickly as possible, so it is drinkable during the warmest days of the summer.

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The second beer will be an attempt on making an Imperial IPA packed with hoppy goodness (will be using 25g hops per liter). I have noticed that my hoppy beers have been lacking a bit in the hop flavor and aroma department, so will do everything I can (e.g. water adjustments and aroma steeping) to make this one great.

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Next up is a series of two beers inspired by one of the great TV series of the 90s: Twin Peaks. The beers, named Black Lodge and White Lodge, are to be brewed featuring ‘ingredients’ from the series. The Black Lodge, which will be an Imperial Stout, will contain some damn fine coffee (coffee beans at flameout and in secondary), the best cherry pie in town (a hint of cherry juice concentrate in the boil), and something that will really light your fire (chili added to the boil or secondary). The White Lodge, which will be a White IPA, will contain some spruce tips (not really sure yet how I will add them, but as this will be brewed later in the summer, I will probably pick fresh spruce tips in the upcoming days and make a spruce extract with them and vodka). You can find the recipes below, as well as the planned labels.

[codebox 3]

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