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Homebrew: Kegging and bottling the Brown Note


Today I kegged and bottled (50:50) the batch of American Brown Ale I brewed about 4 weeks ago. The gravity had dropped to 1.015 (7.8 brix) from 1.055 (14.0 brix), meaning the ABV should be around 5%. The taste sample was quite promising, albeit surprisingly bitter (well not actually that surprising considering the huge amount of hops added to the batch), but hopefully time will make the flavors merge together better. I didn’t get much hop aroma, but I still have a cold and the beer wasn’t carbonated, meaning it still might exist. The hop flavor was quite earthy and resiny, but hopefully some of the fruitiness and citrus from the other hops become more evident with some maturing. I cold crashed the beer for 2 days at 1 degree C before kegging and bottling, meaning the beer was crystal clear as it was removed from the fermenter. Should be ready to taste in a couple of weeks!

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