Homebrew: Lusty Leopard (Tripel)

Today I brewed up a small batch of a Belgian Tripel. I’m still having some problems with efficiency, even though I crushed really fine this time, so there are probably some problems with my techniques as well. Will have to try to search the web for some answers. I ended up with around 9 liters of beer, with an OG of 1.082. I mashed quite low, and am using Wyeast’s WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast, so hopefully this doesn’t turn out super dry. I added 8 grams of crushed coriander seeds and 15 grams of sweet orange zests, to add some extra spiciness and fruitiness. I’m gonna let this one ferment at room temperature for a month, and then condition it a couple of months before I start drinking it. Sorry no pictures this time either, has I was quite busy the whole brew day (I kegged the ‘Christmas’ Amber Ale (Bold Bobcat), which was smelling and tasting great straight from the fermenter (FG had dropped to 1.012)).

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6 thoughts on “Homebrew: Lusty Leopard (Tripel)

  1. DeGarre

    On efficiency, just aim to hit the OG and go for a good tasting beer – who cares about efficiency…whether your cost is 10p more or less expensive per pint is a non-issue.

  2. suregork Post author

    True! Of course aiming to hit the OG and making a good tasting beer are my top priority, but it would be nice to sometimes reach a higher OG without having to boil off large amounts of water, and hence also end up with less beer 🙂

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