Monthly Archives: April 2015

Small update

Sorry again for the inactivity. Not much interesting has happened on the homebrew front. We’ve made slight progress with our homebrewery renovation, as we’ve put up some 160mm ventilation pipes and installed an inline exhaust fan in order to transfer the steam generated from the boil outside. The fan seems really powerful, which is a good sign, but we still need to test it by boiling some water in our boil kettle. We will most likely need to adjust the vent hood, so that it is closer to the top of the kettle. We’ve also started drawing cables for the electrics, and pipes for the water will be next. After that we have some thorough cleaning to do and painting the walls. We hope to be able to brew our first batch in the new homebrewery in May. Can’t wait!





At work I have lots of interesting new results as well, which I hopefully will be able to post about later during the year. I’m also looking into generating some new S. cerevisiae¬†√ó S. cerevisiae intraspecific hybrids for homebrew use. A combination of WLP001 and WLP002 sounds good doesn’t it? Or a hybrid of Conan and WLP644 for a really fruity IPA? Anyways, the possibilities are endless (in theory at least).